Jigsaw Dress

Jigsaw Dress

I have spent a wonderful year as a Fashion Industry Practice Student at GTI Galway.  For our first assignment in our Design Module, we were asked to ‘Produce a garment using Recycled Materials’. With children at home old toys seemed to be an obvious choice. I looked around the playroom and came across a box full of odd jigsaw pieces. I started playing around with the puzzle and pieces of fabric. ’The colours and pictures brought to mind a ‘Fairy Tale Theme’. Using a bodice given to me by ‘Helena Quinlan Bridal’, I started sewing on the jigsaw pieces slowly building up the front of the bodice.

As I continued, a pair of curtains that hung in my bedroom as a child came to mind. The colours worked perfectly and they tied in with my fairytale theme.

To complete the look I made a crown using pages from an old book and puzzle pieces and I customized a pair of shoes using puzzle pieces.

I photographed my look at ‘Yeats Tower’ near Gort, on Katrina O’Connell.  I did the make up, styling and photography for the shoot myself.

I am delighted with the finished result!  xxx


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